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LSS is passionate about our role in helping YOUR business succeed Click on card to view larger image Employment costs have skyrocketed to non affordable rates. Leverage your profit margins by economizing on Human Resources. Our Enterprise Application Integration Strategy guarantees success in all systems interfaces.
Rapid response and turnaround time get you the software you need promptly. Our experienced analysts make it easier to articulate your requirements and avoid unforeseen pitfalls. Our customer service reps are there to help you take advantage of the numerous features in our system and you will soon find us a welcome member of your business family.
Inside theft has been a very rampant problem, this year, due probably to bad conditions and disgruntled or worried employees. Click the link above to view a short presentation given to some leaders in the jewelry industry regarding inside theft.
Recruiting Expenses, Basic Salary, Employment Taxes, Benefits, Space, Other Equipment. Outsourcing your IT requirements, can really help you save money by paying only for time spent on actual work completed. SAVE PERSONNEL by AUTOMATING repetitive tasks, downloading and processing orders, cash receipts, sales reports, memo activity transactions, automatic evaluations of sales, profits and inventory turns.
We are in a global marketplace requiring almost constant instantaneous adaptation. You require data friendly integration with EDI Partners, E- Commerce players, Scales, Barcodes, Shipping systems. LSS has lead the market in their approach to complete systems interaction and communication. Our Quick Response Methodology to open end connectivity has opened new vista and solutions empowering your business posture dramatically.
Get the benefit of our expertise - LSS knows the Jewelry Business in a way that no one else in the software industry does. Developed by L.S. Software Systems, Inc , Magical Jeweler has successfully served the needs of your industry for more than thirty years. Whether you are in jewelry manufacturing ,jewelry distribution,or jewelry wholesaling, you will benefit greatly from the software package that has the exclusive features to help you do anything you need!
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